Meet Serena

Meet Serena, one of the Two Moody Girls! 

Everyone loves Serena for her bubbly and sweet personality, which seems to gravitate people toward her. When someone is in trouble, Serena is always there to help, and she doesn't shy away from brightening up a person’s day.

Though her outwardly disposition is usually sunny, there is a darker side to Serena that few people know about. Those who cross her or her sister will feel an imposing presence, an unwillingness by Serena to be pushed around no matter how sweetly she smiles. It's a side of her that few see and fewer understand but can be felt whenever the Two Moody Girls are around.

Even though Serena is sweet and bubbly, she is actually drawn to all things dark and gloomy. On the surface, this may seem like an odd contradiction, but the two sides of her personality are connected; in her darkest moments, she is able to
find the light.

Serena’s fondness for the darker side of things often leads her to pick out the spookiest movies to watch with her twin sister. She enjoys the thrill of a good surprise jump scare, much to her sister's dismay. Despite their differences, her sister would curl up next to her and fall asleep during the movie regardless, something that always makes Serena smile. When they aren’t watching movies together, Serena loves to spend time drawing and dancing to music. She
is a creative soul, and it shows in the way she explores the world around her.

Serena is also a true fashionista who loves to make a statement with her outfits. Her signature look involves lots of black and cute little details like lace trims. But don't be fooled, she isn't afraid of introducing some color into her wardrobe. Whenever she feels like it, she'll put on a pretty pink dress with lace accents and turn heads. Whether it's black or pink, fashion is all about making a bold statement and she definitely knows how to do that! 

Her curious mix of dark and light draws people to her like moths to a flame. People are often surprised by her conflicting sides, but that’s just part of who she is. Serena has a strength that most aren’t able to comprehend - and her ability
to enjoy the shadows is a testament to that.

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